How to start a rose garden

Those of you who want to start their own rose garden will have to follow these instructions:

  1. You will need a garden
  2. You have to be passionate about it
  3. Have patience; not even Roma was build in one night
  4. Buy from

Who are

They are an online store that sells a wide range of roses breed in Romania and France. The shop’s origins can be traced in Romania, but they have made their online platform so everyone interested in their products can order. The universal currency in use on their website is Euro and English is used as the main language. Their customer service team is able to speak Italian, French, English, Russian and Romanian.

I am recommending this website, because I have had experience in the past with them and their products. Since them I have become a loyal customer for their roses.


The store hosts a variety of climbing roses and bare root roses so that every customer can find what he really needs.

The shipping fees are not usually expensive, but if the customer make an order bigger that 139 euros, then Famous Roses makes the delivery free.

Every time I bought the experience was great with Famous Roses, because they really know how to take care of the customers needs, giving hints and information when ever needed.

Another positive aspect I fund with Famous Roses, is that the packing process is done with a special packing, that maintains moisture in the the package so the rose will not wither.

Those who have not tried yet the roses from Famous Roses I highly recommend you place your order today. You will be impressed by the strong traits these French breed roses have.

Breed by famous names such as Delbard and Meilland Richardier, these roses will sure make a great impression in your garden!

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